What is Instagram Paid Meta Verified (Blue Tick) and How to Get It?

Learn about Twitter-like paid Instagram membership (Meta Verified), what it does, eligibility criteria, and more.


With the acquisition of Twitter, Elon Musk changed the blue tick to make a difference in the world and replaced it with a paid subscription. In the past few days, Instagram updated its policies and informed about the paid subscription. When users get Meta Verified (Formerly a blue tick), they will have new features of the app such as boost in discovery or advanced badges.

Instagram blue tick used to be a badge that few people had under certain circumstances. To stand out, you had to meet a certain barrage of followers or celebrity attributes. However, with the update released in 2023 and recently, he shared details about his paid subscription on Instagram, just like Twitter blue tick.

What is Instagram Paid Membership (Meta Verified)?

Instagram Meta Verified is a paid subscription service offered by Instagram to users. As with Instagram amvi tik, users will be able to have a badge and use additional features together. In the near future, Instagram will reserve the right to make changes again, with more details about the paid subscription.

What Does Instagram Paid Subscription (Meta Verified) Do?

Many people wonder what it does for Instagram Meta Verified, which seems to progress similarly to Twitter. In Turkish, Meta-approved accounts have more features than other users. This will make it easier for other users to find you.

In short, we can say that it is similar to the features provided by the Instagram blue tick accounts. However, the new update, such as adding badges to the story, special customer support, was among the features that did not exist before. It is that the paid subscription will change according to the announcement sources planned by the platform soon.

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Instagram Paid Subscription (Meta Verified) Features

Many people wonder what features the Instagram paid subscription system includes. According to the latest update, Instagram paid subscription features are as follows:

-Special stickers to be used in Instagram stories
-Active impersonation tracking feature
-Verified badge
-Dedicated customer support for common issues
-Human reviews and recommendations on the Discover page
-Priority commenting feature for Meta Approved profiles (prioritization)

Instagram Paid Subscription (Meta Verified) Who Can Become a Member?

It is a matter of curiosity about how to become a member about Instagram Meta Verified. Those who want to get a meta-approved account must meet the following eligibility criteria:

-Being eligible to verify with a government-issued ID
-Being an individual over the age of 18
-A complete profile with your profile picture showing your face and other information
-Meeting the minimum activity requirements for your account
-Being a personal or professional account (Currently Business accounts are not eligible)

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