How to Delete Search Engine History on Instagram

How to Delete Search Engine History on Instagram

Search operations on the Instagram social media application remain stored in the application memory, and many users need to delete the search engine history on Instagram. The need to delete search engine searches is to prevent others from knowing what the account holder is searching for in the app. So how to delete searched in the application? Here are the answers;

How to Delete Search Engine History on Instagram

There are two different ways that account users who want to delete their search engine history on Instagram can choose. Searches made by using two ways can be deleted and the history can be made immaculate. The first way users can choose to delete the search engine history is to delete it via the mobile application.

  • For this, it is necessary to log in to the account via the mobile application.
  • The second way is to log in to Instagram on the computer and have the history deleted.
  • Both ways can be easily deleted.

How to Delete Instagram Search History in Mobile App

People who will prefer the mobile application for deleting search engine history on Instagram must first install the Instagram application on their mobile devices through the Google Play Store and App Store.

After performing the installation process, the following steps are applied to delete the search history;

  1. The account is opened in the Instagram mobile application.
  2. The profile page of the opened account is reached.
  3. Click ≡ in the upper right corner of the profile page.
  4. The Settings section opens and Security is selected.
  5. Search History is selected from the Data and History section on the Security page.
  6. When the Search History page is opened, all searches made in the account are listed.

People who see the call list in the Call History can selectively delete the calls they made one by one. People who want to clear and delete all of their searches can clear the entire history by using the Clear All button.

How to Delete Instagram Search History on Computer

Instagram account users can delete their search history on the mobile application as well as on the computer. In order to perform the deletion process on the computer, one of the internet browsers installed on the computer is accessed to the Instagram website. Click on the profile picture and choose Settings from the drop-down menu. The Privacy and Security section is preferred from the list on the Settings page.

The Privacy and Security section includes account privacy, activity status, activity sharing, account data, and two-factor authentication. From here, click the View Account Data button under the Account Data section. From the page that opens, the Search History and Clear Search History buttons are clicked to clear the history.

Deleting Names That Come Out When You Write Letters On Instagram

When Instagram users type a letter in the search section in the application, the account and words they searched for before appear from that letter. It is also possible to block unwanted words or accounts when you type letters.

This requires clearing the letter search history. In order to delete searches made for a letter, users must perform the deletion process one by one from the search section. To delete the letter-related history, the x sign opposite the relevant letter or word can be used.

How to Delete Video and Voice Search History on Instagram

It is possible to make video and audio calls in the Instagram application, which is used for video, photo and story sharing. For this, the relevant account must be switched to the professional account. To switch to a professional account, it is sufficient to follow the Settings / Account and Switch to Professional Account path. In this way, the calls made in the account are deleted.

Apart from that, the application can be uninstalled and reinstalled to delete audio and video calls. In this way, it is possible to keep the history clean as previous searches will be deleted. Apart from these two methods, it is not possible to delete the history of voice and video calls made on Instagram.

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