How to Change Instagram Username?

Username is an expression that shows your internet identity on social media. Learn how to change your Instagram username accordingly.

When you create an account on social media, be it Twitter or Instagram, usernames are used on each. You will be in a position to do many things with the usernames used as a means of hiding who you are or directly. Usernames are also important in Instagram, one of the most popular applications of social media.

It’s okay if you chose the one you want the Instagram username for before everyone else! But if you did not find what you want, it will be difficult to change. How can you do this when you want to change the username you have previously taken and used in your account? Here in our article, we will go into the details of how to change the Instagram username or how to do it.

How Can I Change My Instagram Username?

Most people who use Instagram find it difficult to change their username. But in most cases it is simple to find and apply. You can easily change your Instagram username using both mobile and desktop. For this, follow the steps we have prepared for you below in order.

For mobile users, changing the Instagram username is done as follows:

-First of all, install the Instagram application from the Google Play Store or App Store, open it and log in with your account information.
-Afterwards, reach the home page and tap once on the bottom right profile section from the same screen.
-When you reach the profile page, tap on ‘Edit Profile’.
Type the name you want to change in the ‘Username’ field and press the blue tick above.

Changing Instagram username for desktop or web browser is as follows:

-First visit web address in your browser;
Log in by entering your username and password.
-When you reach the main page, click on the Profile section at the top right of the page.
– When the menu opens, click on ‘Edit profile’ above.
– On the page that opens, type the name you want to enter in the ‘Username’ section.
-Finally, it will be enough to scroll down the page a little and press the ‘Submit’ button.

I Can’t Change My Instagram Username Why?

When you change Instagram username, it may cause some problems, they are as follows:

-All your accounts associated with the username may be affected.
-When you link or promote, all previously registered accounts must be changed, otherwise users will not be able to find you.
-Instagram does not allow constant user name changes due to possible reasons.
-Due to the username change, it will be difficult for users to find you.
-Your Instagram followers can visibly decrease, you can buy any of the baygram packages for this.

Instagram does not allow repeated username changes due to possible security concerns. However, if you still say, ‘Why can’t I change my Instagram username?’, the username you choose in response to this question can be used by another person. For this, change your username as a unique username and after a certain period of time.

What Does Instagram Username Change Do?

Changing Instagram username will be a good option when the old one is not compatible with your category. Often businesses or individual users change their usernames for the following reasons:

-Changed usernames to fit the category
-Custom usernames
-New usernames used when you want to update your old account

Regardless, the correct and effective Instagram usernames will work for important factors that increase followers or interaction. However, Instagram policies should be followed and you should choose preferred usernames in accordance with your audience. Otherwise, you will have to appeal to a low audience, just like in your previous experiences.

How to Determine Instagram Username?

Instagram usernames are link name abbreviations that are defined as your port or with your histories. Accordingly, it is important to determine the usernames. When finding user names, it uses the name you choose with your own imagination or using some sites.

Searching for ways to find your usernames on Instagram before determining them, distributing them on computer and mobile as follows.

To find an Instagram username, follow the steps below for your Desktop device:

-First of all, visit via a web browser and log in with your username and password.
-When you are automatically directed to the main page, click on the Profile section on the right and at the top.
-Then go to your profile and click the ‘Edit profile’ button once.
-You will be able to find your name in the ‘Username’ section as it can be seen in this area.

Try the following path for shorter path for desktop devices:

– Go to the website and log in with your account information.
-Click on your Profile in the upper right corner of the home page
– Your web address will be your username in the URL link (eg

To find an Instagram username, follow these steps for your mobile device:

-First, open the Instagram application on your mobile device with your account.
-When you come to the main page, tap the Profile field just below once.
-Tap once on ‘Edit profile’ on your profile screen.
-When the page opens, the place you want to find will be the username section.

For those who want to try the alternative and shortcut for mobile devices:

-Open the application on your mobile device and go to the home page.
-When you come to the main page, tap the Profile icon below once.
-The name in the form of a downward arrow above will be your username.

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